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$100 Gift Card Winner
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$100 Gift Card Winner
$100 Gift Card Winner!
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BBQ Winner
55 Inch TV Winner
$100 Gift Card Winner
$100 Gift Card Winner


STRAIN LIST UPDATED ON: September 11, 2021

We Are Currently NOT Selling Clones.

Please Contact Us 613-743-4204 or Come Visit us for what we have in stock!


*PLEASE READ Information Above For Strain Update List*


Available Strains 225

$5.00 GRAM, $15.00 HalfQ, $25.00 Quarter, $50.00HalfOZ, $100.00 OZ (ORGANIC OUTDOOR GROWN)

(INDICA) – Master Kush, Purple Candy, Cherry Kush, Royal Kush, Rainbow Chip, Royal Gorilla, Rockstar,

(HYBRID) – Lemon OG, Sour Glue, Skunk, Peyote Cake, Lemon Kush, THC Bomb,

(SATIVA) – Durban Poison, Mac & Cheese, Tangi, Silver Haze, Berry Blast, Willie Nelson,

$8.00 GRAM, $20.00 HalfQ, $40.00 Quarter, $80.00 Half Oz, $140.00 Oz (Sale Shelf)

(INDICA) – Blueberry Kush

(HYBRID) – Frosted Cherry, Cherry Pie, Critique, Jungle Diamond,

(SATIVA) – Green Crack, Power Plant

$8.00 GRAM, $25.00 HalfQ, $50.00 Quarter, $100.00 HALF OZ, $180.00 Oz

(INDICA) – Purple Pluto, Hindu Kush, Pink Glass, Pink Bubba, Grand Kush, Seriously Black, Death Bubba, Blue Cheese,

(HYBRID) – Bits & Bites, Blue Himalaya, Sugar Daddy, Cookies, Pink Kush, Garlic Sherbert, Blue Jelly, Grape Pie, G-Wagon, Ice Wreck, AK-47, Apple Fritter, Sour Tsunami, Pineapple Express, Ice Wreck, Grape Pie,

(SATIVA) – Golden Lemons, Tangi, Laughing Buddha, Acopulco Gold, Vanilla Tangi,

$10.00 GRAM, $30.00 HalfQ, $60.00 Quarter, $120.00 Half Oz, $220.00 Oz

(INDICA) – Purple Dream, Insane In The Membrane, Pink Bubba, Crown Royal, Blueberry Kush, Black Diamond, Black Dumbledore, Pink Fruit, King Kush, Hiroshima, Purple Zombie, Donkey Kong, Lava Cake, Ice Cream, Pink Cookies, Dark Matter, Skittles Cake, Pink Coma, Crypto OG, Romulan OG, Pink Rozay, Purple Lighting, Machu Piccu, Bermuda Triangle, Black Mamba, Blackberry Punch, Black OG, GMO Cookie, Backberry Kush, Purple Dumbledore, Purple Kush, Space OG, Fire Kush, Death Bubba, Purple Candy, Sweet Island Skunk, Purple Pink, Duke Nukem,

(HYBIRD) – Dead Head OG, Diesel Cookie, Holy Water, Blue Dream, Skywalker OG, Giesel, White Widow, Blue Sherbert OG, Double Tangi Banana, Tangerine Dream, New York Diesel, Stripper Spit, Sugar Daddy, Blue Fin Tuna, San Fernando Valley, Blueberry Punch, Kosher Zittlez, Lemon Kush, Chernobyl, Gelato, Blue Skywalker, Blueberry Yum Yum, Blue Tai, Bruce Banner, Chocolate Sherbert, Thai Chi, Pink Kush, Gushers, Bubble Gum, UK Cheese, Grape Pie, Caramel, Blueberry Cheesecake, Mendocino Purple, Turbo Lemon Cake, Apple Fritter, Cookies & Cream, Ghost OG, Lemon Fizz, Meat Breath, Purple Crack, S’more Cake, Wedding Cake, Fruity Pebbles Kush, Purple Crack, Turbo Lemon Cake,

(SATIVA) – Shining Silver Haze, Amnesia Haze, Sour Diesel, Jack Herer, Strawberry Haze, Charlottes Webb, Candy Jack, Lemon Haze, Lemon Forst, Cali Orange, Super Silver Haze, Orange Crush, Candy Orange, Purple Diesel, Laughing Buddha, Vanilla Tangi, Haze XL, Sour Tsunami, Ghost Train Haze, Pineapple Poison, Green Crack, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Orange Haze, Red Canulese, Lambs Breath, Sour Maluan, Jack The Ripper, Blue Hawaiian,

$10.00 GRAM, $35.00 HalfQ, $70.00 Quarter, $140.00 Half Oz, $260.00 Oz

(INDICA) – Candy OG, Purple Tuna, White Cheese, White Rhino, Nukem, Purple Cheese, Bubba Kush, Cream Soda OG, Rock Tuna, Pink Anxiety, Rockstar Death Bubba, Northern White, OG Orange, White Kush, Blue Rhino, Pink Floyd,

(HYBRID) – Strawana, Cinderella 99, Pink Train Wreck, Gorilla Glue, Bruce Banner, Glookies, Ice Cream Sandwich, Unicorn Poop, The Asteroid, Hubba Bubba, Pineapple Express

(SATIVA) – Sour Patch Kids, Lemon Cane, Lemon Luciano, Wedding Haze, Lambs Breath, High Hippie, Great White Shark, Super Silver Haze, Maui Wowie,

$12.00 GRAM, $40.00 HalfQ, $80.00 Quarter, $160.00Half Oz, $300.00 OZ.

(INDICA) – Van Island Pink, Astro Bubba, Pink Death Bubba, Blue Mataro, Pink Panties, Devils Triangle,

(HYBRID) – White Tuna, Monkey Business, The Truth, White Widow, Cactus Breath,

(SATIVA) – Pineapple Punch,

$14.00 GRAM, $45.00 HalfQ, $90.00 Quarter, $180.00 Half Oz, $340.00 OZ.

(INDICA) – Pre-98 Death Bubba, Pre-98 Pink Bubba, What The FUCK, Jungle Kush, Pink Comatose, Apple Pie Kush, Grape Gasoline, Death Valley Kush, Kush Mints, Ice Cream Cake, Purple Jolly Rancher, Gas Mask Ultra,

(HYBRID) – Cactus Breath, Holy Grail

(SATIVA) – Arabian Gold, Strawberry Blizzard, Pancake Ice,


$10.00 Gram, $30.00 HQ, $60.00 Q, $120.00 Half Oz, $240.00 Oz,

Juliet(Black) Abraxas(Black)

$15.00 Gram, $50.00 HQ, $100.00 Q, $200.00 Half Oz, $400.00 OZ

Temple Ball(Black), Mazar Sharif(Black), Diamond(Blond), Red Leb(Red), Afghan Gold(Black)

$18.00 Gram, $60.00 HQ, $120.00 Q, $240.00 Half Oz, $480.00 Oz

,Blond Lib(Blond), Lion(Blond) Amsterdam Blond(Blond), Romeo(Black), Cronus (Black)

Cherry Oil $80.00 / 5G ( SOLD OUT )

Honey Oil $150.00 / 5G & $100.00 / 5G

RSO Oil $60.00 / 5G


Shirt $30
Sweater $75
8Hr Hot / 8Hr Cold – $30.00 With Plastic Straw
Hats $30
Masks $15.00

Store Inventory

Diamond Disposable Pens

1GRAM $60.00 Per Disposable Pen

Gelato, Jungle Cake, LA Kush Cake, Gorilla Glue, Blue Berry OG, Lemon Skunk, Kings Kush, Cherry, Super Bud, Mimosa, Orange Cookie, Wedding Cake, Girl Scout Cookies, Pineapple Express, Pome Agranate, Black Berry Kush, Zkittlez, Tom Ford Pink Kush, Milky Way, Red Dragon.

CBD: Cherry CBD

Gas Gang Disposable Pen

1Gram $60.00 Each Or X2 For $100.00

HeadBanger, Ghost Train Haze, Rootbeer Float, Pot Father, Hubba Bubba, Lucky Charms, Grape Kool-Aid, Special Blend, Green Apple, Runtz, Unicorn Poop, Cup Cake Delight, Watermelon, Mint Chocolate Chip, Trix, Ice Cream Cake, Wedding Cake, Northern Lights, King Louis XIII, Pink Kush, Superman OG, Zittles, Gods Gift, Rockstar OG, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry, Blueberry OG, Cotton Candy Kush, Bruce Banner.

Major League Disposable Pen

1.1 GRAM $60.00 Per Disposable Pen

Cookies & Cream, Vanilla Ice Cream, Smarties Grape Gasoline, Menthol Mint, Blackberry Octane, Chocolate Caramel.

London Donovan Disposable Pen

London Donovan Disposable Pen .5/Gram 0.3ML Cartridge $40.00

Northern Lights, Granddaddy Purple, Cherry Pie, Sunset Sherbet, Zkittlez, Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Tangi,

PLATINUM London Donovan: $40.00

Wonder Bar, Dark Planet, Bubba Kush, Girl Scout Cookie

CBD London Donovan: $30.00

Cherry Pie, White Widow, Jack Herere.

TOP SHELF Live Resin 1GRAM Disposable Pen (NEW) $60.00 Each

Strains: Rockstar, Green Crack, Sour Diesel, 9LB Hammer, MK Ultra, Island Pink, Death Bubba, Girl Scout Cookie, TrainWreck, Gorilla Glue,

London Donovan .510 Threads Full Cartridge

London Donovan .510 Threads Full Cartridge – .5 GRAM $50.00

Cherry Pie, Grand Daddy Purple, Jack Herer, Sunset Sherbet, Zkittlez.

London Donovan .510 Threads – .5 GRAM PLATINUM $55.00

Durga Mata, Flordia Skunk Ape, Starshine, Super Snow Dog, Black D.O.G

London Donovan .510 Threads – 1 GRAM $70.00

Pineapple Express, Mimosa, White Widow, London Pound Cake, Sour Tangi, Girl Scout Cookie, Gelato, Wedding Cake, Runtz, Pink Kush.

Drip Drop 1Gram .510 Cartridge

$40.00 Per Cartridge

Strains: Straw-Nana, Tangerine, Watermelon, Lime, Banana Split, Fruit Punch, Juicy Fruit, Passion Fruit.

Vape Mount .510 Threads .5 Gram

$20.00 Per Cartridge

Strains: Blue Berry Kush, Grape Ape, Banana OG, Strawberry Cough, Pineapple Express.

YoCAN Kodo .510 Thread Battery

USB Connection Charger $15.00 Per Battery

Honey Stick .510 Thread Battery W/ Changeable Hit Voltage On Bottom

$15.00 Per Battery

London Donovan .510 Thread Battery – Regular/Platinum Pen

$20.00 Per Battery

Plant Of Life CBD Disposable Pens

300MG – $30.00 per Pen

MoonRock Canada Joints

$25.00 /Per

COSMICBLINTS w/ Kief, Bud and Oil

$30.00 /Per

The Original Diamond Dip Joint, W/ Kief, Bud, Oil

$25.00 /Per

Russian Cream Blunts

X2 Russian Cream Blunts In Each Pack~ $40.00

Pot Of Gold Moon Rocks

3.5G $60.00

Stoned Leaf CBD Full Spectrum Capsules

$20.00 – 10 Capsules at 25MG Each – 250 MG

$40.00 – 10 Capsules at 50MG Each – 500 MG

INHOUSE – THC Capsules Full Spectrum

x30 Capsules at 35MG Each, 1050MG $70.00

x30 capsules at 10MG Each, 300MG $35.00

Kurativ CBD Products Comes With/ Spray Head, Mystery Gift, Informational Guide & Desired Bottle. (MCT)

3000MG $200.00 – 1500MG Full Spectrum $120.00 – Slumber (SleepAid) – $140.00 – 1500MG (Daytime) – $100.00

Plant Of Life CBD+ (MCT) 60ML

300MG $40.00 – 500MG $60.00 – 1000MG $100 – 2000MG $140 – 3000MG $200

London Donovan CBD/THC Collection (MCT) 15ML

(THC Distillate Oil 900MG $50.00) – (THC Distillate Oil $35.00) – (SleepWell Aid 300MG CBD – 90MG THC $60.00) – (1:1 300MG CBD 300MG THC $50.00) – (2700 MG CBD $90.00) – (900MG CBD $70.00) – (300MG CBD – $35.00)

Coyote-Oneida Organics-Laulau

1000MG THC Dropper $80.00 – 1000MG THC Oral Spray $80.00 – 300MG CBD Dropper $30.00– 2000MG CBD SOLD OUT


3000MG CBD 60ML $160.00 – 1:1 THC/CBD $90.00 – 1000MG CBD $80.00

Sensitiva CBD (MCT) 30ML

Balance 1000MG $90.00 – Balance 2000MG $150.00 – Balance 3000MG $200.00 – (PET 500MG $60.00 – 1000MG $90.00)



PurlicPet CALM Dog 300MG CBD $50.00 PurlicPet CALM Cat 150MG CBD $20.00 – Laulau Fur Baby 300MG CBD $30.00

Kurativ CBD Pet


Sensitiva Dog Chews

250MG Treats Per Bag $25.00 (Sweet Potato)

250MG Bites Per Bag $25.00 (Beef & Liver)

Herbivores CBD Dog Treats! (NEW)

75 LBS & Over $25.00 – Turkey Treats

75 LBS And Under $25.00 – Turkey Treats

Sensitiva Paws PET CBD

500MG Pet CBD $50.00

1000MG Pet CBD $90.00

CBD Dog Bites

40MG CBD Each Bone, $2.00 Per Bone Or 3 Bites for $5.00


Stoned Leaf Product CBD

1000MG CBD 40 Candys X25MG CBD $60.00 – 400MG CBD 16 Candys X 25MG CBD $30.00

Space Drop Edibles CBD

200MG CBD x3 Candys – Passion Fruit, Tropical, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry $15.00 Per Bag

The Bag Of Gummies CBD

250MG CBD 10X25MG Per Gummies CBD – $20.00 Per Bag

Cannacub Hard Candy Bears CBD

100MG CBD 10 Candies at 10MG Per Piece – $15.00 Per Bag

Twisted Extracts Jelly Bomb CBD

80MG CBD – 8 Pieces at 10MG Per Piece $15.00 Per Pack.

Plant Of Life CBD+ Organic Bears

300MG CBD – 10 Bears at 30MG Each, $30.00 Per Bag.

Herbivores Edibles! (NEW) **You Asked For It, We Got It Back**

6 Pieces At 25MG CBD – $15.00 Per Pack.

Watermelon, Bubble Gum Bottles, Buzzy Peaches, Banana Blasts, Cherry Sours, Candy Colas, Grape Sours, Key Sours, Blue Foot Blasts, Strawbuzzies,


Stoned Lead 1:1 THC/CBD

1000MG 1:1 40 Candies @ 25MG Total – 12.5MG THC & 12.5 CBD $60.00

200MG 1:1 8 Candies @ 25MG Total – 12.5MG THC & 12.5MG CBD $20.00

Cannacub Hard Candies 1:1

250MG 1:1 10 Candies at 25MG Each 12.5MC THC – 12.5MG CBD $20.00

150MG 1:1 10 Candies at 15MG Each, 7.5MG THC – 7.5MG CBD $15.00

Twisted Extracts Jelly Bomb 1:1

80MG – 40MG CBD/ 40MG THC – Sativa/Indica $15.00

Twisted Extracts Cara-Melts 1:1

80MG Total – 40MG CBD/ 40MG THC – Indica/Sativa $15.00 (Kinda Like Werthers Orginial)

THC & CBD Coffee

THC Coffee – 840MG THC $50.00

CBD Coffee – 420MG CBD $50.00


Stoned Leaf 3:1 Candies

1000MG 3:1 Bag – 18.75MG CBD / 6.25.MG THC Per Candy, $60.00

200MG 3:1 Bag – 18.75MG CBD/ 6.25MG THC Per Candy, $20.00


Kurativ 4:1 CBD/CBG

Big Containers 1000MG – 25MG Each, CBD,CBG, $90.00

Big Containers 500MG CBD 25MG Each $50.00

Small Containers 500 MG CBD 25MG Each $50.00

Shatter Bars – Brownies – Cookies (Find A GOLDEN Ticket And Get $500 Cash & A Box!)

Shatter Brownies Sativa

60MG Shatter Brownie Sativa $10.00

240MG Shatter Brownie Sativa $20.00

Shatter Brownie Indica

60MG Shatter Brownie Indica $10.00

240MG Shatter Brownie Indica $20.00

Sativa Shatter Bar 24 Pieces 250MG

$20.00 Per Bar,

Flavor: Milk Chocolate, Cookies And Green, (Dark Chocolate Sugar FREE VEGAN) – Mint Dark Chocolate & Toffee Crunch

Indica Shatter Bar 24 Pieces 250MG

$20.00 Per Bar

Flavor: Milk Chocolate, Cookies And Green, (Dark Chocolate Sugar FREE VEGAN) – Mint Dark Chocolate & Toffee Crunch

Sativa Shatter Bar 24 Pieces 500MG

$40.00 Per Bar

Flavor: Milk Chocolate, Cookies And Green, (Dark Chocolate Sugar FREE VEGAN) – Mint Dark Chocolate & Toffee Crunch

Indica Shatter Bar 24 Pieces 500MG

$40.00 Per Bar / X2 Bars For $70.00 – SAVE $10.00

Flavor: Milk Chocolate, Cookies And Green, (Dark Chocolate Sugar FREE VEGAN) – Mint Dark Chocolate & Toffee Crunch

Indica / Sativa Shatter Bar 24 Pieces 1200MG

$80.00 Per Bar / X2 Bars For $150.00 – SAVE $10.00

Flavors: ONLY Milk Chocolate

Shatter Cookies 100MG

$10.00 Per Bag

x1 Cookie @ 100MG Indica And Sativa, Chocolate Chip Cookie Only


Left Coast Gummies (BEST SELLER)

150MG THC at 6 Gummies @25MG Each $20.00

125MG THC at 20 Gummies @ 6.25MG Each $15.00

(NEW) Box Of Cereal – 600MG (SmallBox) – $20.00 Per Box.
(NEW) Cereal Bars! 500MG $20.00

The Bag Of Gummies Collection

100MG THC 10 Candies at 10MG Each $10.00

250MG THC 10 Candies at 25MG Each $20.00

500MG THC 10 Candies at 50MG Each $35.00

1000MG THC 10 Candies at 100MG Each $50.00

(NEW) Bag Of Chocolate Collection 500MG

500MG Mint Chocolate $35.00

500MG Birthday Cake $35.00

500MG Salted Caramel $35.00

500MG Milk Chocolate $35.00

(NEW) Hard Candy!

420MG Em&Em’s $20.00 (SOLDOUT)

420MG Weed’s Pieces $20.00

(NEW) Errllli 600MG

600MG x6 Candies – $35.00

Space Drops

300MG THC 3 Gummies at 100MG Each $25.00

1000MG THC 3 Gummies at 333.33MG Each $50.00

Flavors: Apple, Cherry, Peach, Tropical, Blue Berry, Passion Fruit.

THC Sour Jolly Ranchers

600MG – 6 Ranchers at 100MG Each $35.00

Galactic Fruit Gushers

500MG – 6 Gushers at 83.3MG Each – $35.00

Death Star Gummies

500MG X2 Candies at 250MG Each, Pineapple & Mango $35.00

500MG X2 Candies at 250MG Each, Grape & Blue Raspberry $35.00

Nerds Rope Bites Collection

600MG – X6 Ropes at 100MG Each, Super Sour Apple, Seriously Strawberry, Cherry, Grape. $40.00

Stoned Leaf Skittles

400MG THC – 20 Skittles @ 20MG Each $25.00

1000MG THC – 50 Skittles @ 20MG Each $50.00

Stoned Leaf Gummies

500MG THC – 10 Gummies at 50MG Each $35.00

Stoned Leaf Gummies

300MG THC – 10 Gummies at 30MG Each – $25.00

Stoned Leaf Gummies

150MG THC Diamond Patch Kids – 10 Kids at 15MG Each – $15.00

150MG THC Diamond Patch Melon Heads – 10 Heads at 15MG Each – $15.00

Tasty THC Assorted Bags

480MG THC Each Bag – x12 Candies 40MG Each Candy. 1Bag=$30.00 2Bags=$50.00 SAVE $10.00

Flavors: Sour Apple Rings, Sour Gummy Bears, Sour Patch Kids, Blue Raspberry Rings, Sour Stoner Melons, Sweet Bananas, Ultra Sour Berry Belts, Watermelon Rings, Jolly Rancher Gummies, Sour Mixed Berrys, Sour Stoner Worms, Mini Sour Keys, Large Sour Keys, Sour Peach Rings, Tangy Strawberries,

Drip Drop

250MG THC $20.00 Per Pack.

Flavors: BlueFeet, Sour Jolly Ranchers, Strawberryies, Mixed Berries, Assored Mix Packs,, Sour Gummy Bears, Sour Worms, Sour Peaches, Sour Keys,

Stoned Leaf

200MG THC – 8 Candies at 25MG Each $20.00

400MG THC – 16 Candies at 25MG Each $30.00

1000MG THC – 40 Candies at 25MG Each $60.00

Purple Krown

200MG THC – Choco-Budz $20.00

1200MG THC – BIG BEARS 12 ‘Bears at 100MG Each $100.00 (Sold Out)

200MG BIG BEARS – X2 Bears at 100MG Each $20.00

J&C Edibles Collection

Fresh Homemade THC Brownies/ Peanut Butter Squares 750MG THC $20.00

Fresh Homemade THC Space Cakes 420MG THC $10.00 (Sold Out)

Fresh Homemade Beef Jerky 1000MG THC $60.00 (Sold Out)

Doweedos Collection

10 Types Of Chips at 100MG Each, $20.00 Per Bag.

The Good Doctor: Canna Cola

125MG THC – 10 Flavors: Rootbeer, 7-UP, Dr.Pepper, Cram Soda, Ice Tea, Ginger Ale, Cola, Orange, Grape, Lemonade $12.50 Per Soda.

Twisted Extracts THC Sativa/Indica

80MG THC Lego Brick 8 Pieces at 10MG Each $15.00 Each

Astro Edibles Collection (NEW)

500MG THC Space Syrups $20.00 (Grape, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Watermelon)

200 MG / Gummy – 400MG Total – $45.00 (Blueberry. Green Sour Apple, Grape, Mango)

25 MG / Gummy – 500MG Total, $40.00 (Assorted Packs)

25 MG / Gummy – 250MG Total, $20.00 (Assorted Packs)

20MG / Piece – 300MG Total, $30.00 (Dark Mint Nebula, The Milky Way, Hazelnut Comet Crunch , Reese Meteor Pieces)

Astro Edibles (Freezies) (NEW)

4 Freezies At 100MG Each, Assorted Flavours – $40.00

Bud Heads Collection (NEW)

600MG THC Edibles $35.00 Per Bag. (Gummy Worms, Sour Twists, Chewy Cubes)

Stoner Patch Collection (NEW)

500MG THC Each Bag, $30.00 Per Bag, (blueberry, Grape, Cherry, Pineapple, Sour Patch Assorted Pack)

Herbivores Edibles! (NEW). **You Asked For It, We Got It Back**

1100MG THC Each Bag,44 Candies At 25MG Each – $60.00 – Watermelon, Bubble Gum Bottles, Buzzy Peaches, Banana Blasts, Cherry Sours, Candy Colas, Grape Sours, Key Sours, Blue Foot Blasts, Strawbuzzies,

Herbivores Edibles! (NEW) **You Asked For It, We Got It Back**

11 Candies At 25MG Each, $25.00 (Peaches, Colas, Bottles, Cherry, Watermelon, Keys, Grapes, Sour Cherry, Banana, Bluefoot, Strawberry!

Herbivores Edibles! (NEW) **You Asked For It, We Got It Back**

Each Bag Comes with 6 Candies, 25MG Each, 150MG Total, $15.00 Per Pack,

Flavours – Watermelon, Bubble Gum Bottles, Buzzy Peaches, Banana Blasts, Cherry Sours, Candy Colas, Grape Sours, Key Sours, Blue Foot Blasts, Strawbuzzies, Tropical Pack, Variety Pack, Sour Pack,

Herbivores Edibles! (NEW) **You Asked For It, We Got It Back**

3 Jumbo Candies At 100MG Each! 300MG Total, $30.00 Per Pack

Flavours: Cola Bottles, Cherry Colas, Bubblegum Bottles, Variety Colas, Sour Keys

Cream Of The Crop Edibles! (NEW)

1000MG THC 25 Candies At 40MG Each $50.00

1500MG THC 12 Candies At 125MG Each $75.00

1500MG THC 8 Candies At 187.50MG Each $75.00

2000MG THC 12 Candies At (R)166.66MG Each $100.00

2000MG THC 8 Candies At 250MG Each $100.00